• A highly satisfying, collaborative journey of discovery. They operationalised the project timeline and milestones very quickly upon their initial engagement, yet included us on the decision making process so that it was mutually acceptable. Others I have worked with in previous projects have simply not tried as hard to overcome difficulties.
    Andrew Stafford
    Director | Dementia Training Study Centre Western Australia
  • The Culture Communication and Relationships at Work (CCRW) program and resources, used in the project made a unique and valuable contribution to enhancing the workplace participation and service delivery of people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. CCRW is an excellent tool, very well used by a highly competent team.
    Dr Jacqui Hutchinson
    Lecturer and Coordinator of the Consortium for Diversity at Work | UWA Business School
  • Fortis listened to the expertise by the reference group to identify all expectations in detail. The expectations of the reference group were fully met. I was more than pleased with the outcomes and the efficiency of delivery.
    Dr Bernadette Wright
    Health Department WA



Culturally and Linguistically diverse (CALD)

Fortis Consulting has designed a number of proprietary tools designed to support our clients to build capabilities, harness diversity and develop productive cultures.

View Our Gaps Analysis Tools Refer to our PICAC  page for information on specific resources, tools, events etc relating to community engagement and development.

Fortis partners with clients to facilitate the change needed to create an environment in which productivity and therefore return on investment can be maximised.

Central to the success of every project undertaken by Fortis is sustainable change. The team take responsibility for ensuring that the change created endures.

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As the representative for Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) in Western Australia, Fortis provides a range of customised services to improve the capacity of aged care services and their personnel, respond to the unique needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds.

Fortis, as part of the national PICAC network, empowers workforces in the aged care sector to develop the capabilities to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care.

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Not for Proft (NFP)

Fortis have designed several tools to help our clients understand where they currently sit and how they can improve. One of our significant tools  the Pulse Survey (designed to assess the current diversity profile and cultural competence) – has been made available for free.

Find out More: Gap tools/The Pulse Survey

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Organisational development (Private Sector)

PULSE-  Harnessing workforce diversity starts with understanding. PULSE assists organisations to embrace and capitalize on their diverse workforces helping them understand the composition and dynamics of that workforce including staff, supervisors and leaders.

Find Out More: The Pulse Survey


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The Fortis team address all aspects of diversity and inclusion including – gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, disability by developing programs customised to individual clients.

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Fortis partners with you to develop the capabilities of your staff and capacities of your organisation to leverage diversity and create the optimum culture engaging productively with stakeholders and the broader community


Fortis partners with you to create or change the culture within your workplace such that it is consistent with the organization’s brand, and conducive to strong relationships with stakeholders and the community


Workforce development programs including education and training course, design, delivery, mentoring and coaching services. All services and courses are custom designed based in the specific needs of your client organisation.


Fortis partners with you to identify organisational needs and then designs and develops customised Organisational development solutions  to build effective teams and performance cultures.


Fortis partners with clients in the public, private and community organisations to facilitate optimal levels of engagement with stakeholders and communities central to the performance of the business.

Partners in Culturally
Appropriate Care

Fortis has been appointed the programme provider for ‘Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care’, an Australian Government initiative, facilitating the development of workforces well equipped to provide culturally sensitive care to older people in Western Australia.