Aged Care: Walking Together to make a Difference

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Branding and Culture with D John Carlson & Fortis Consulting
April 20, 2017
Person-centred Care
Service success in person-centred care
May 3, 2017

Australia has adopted a ‘Consumer Directed Care’ approach to aged care as has been the case for some time in other countries such as England and Sweden. Australia may learn from various studies emerging from these countries, of how consumer directed care and individual budgets can work for older people. Access to services, may be impacted by a variety of issues such as problems with phone communication (for example, for the hearing impaired or those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds).

Australia is currently home to one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations on earth. People from all over the world continue to settle here whether migrating or as refugees. Many of them find it very difficult to navigate the healthcare and Aged-Care system in Australia once they arrive, particularly in expressing their own needs and highlighting their preferences.

Fortis Consulting is the WA State-wide provider of an Australian Government funded program (i.e. PICAC WA) and is passionate about supporting aged care services be appropriate and accessible to migrants and refugees. Fortis Consulting’s Roundtable on the 28th of April provides the CaLD community, CaLD carers and Aged Care providers with an opportunity to have a say in shaping aged care strategies in Australia.

The roundtable will include an address from the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health, and a dramatic presentation by Playback Theatre.

The Minister provides great insight on the topic being the first Aboriginal Member of the House of Representatives as well as the first Aboriginal member of the Federal Executive. The Hon Ken Wyatt brings his knowledge in the areas of Health and Education to his role as Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Aboriginal Health, as well as a lifetime of experiences in raising a family and being part of the local Perth Community.

Perth Playback Theatre Company will bring to life the audience members’ own stories which unfold spontaneously through music, movement and audience participation. With 72% of Australians having grandparents who were born overseas, it is critical to ensure that CaLD clients requiring aged care have access to care which has been tailored to their needs, recognising and valuing diversity and provide services that enable the right support to be delivered to those who need it, no matter what cultural or language differences they have.

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