Fortis is always on the lookout for talent.

Qualified people who are passionate about partnering with organisations to improve their productivity through increased diversity, building capabilities, engaging communities and creating optimal cultures are invited to make contact.

As part of the Fortis Consulting network, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in projects that:

  • ignite your passion;
  • challenge your innovation; and
  • tap into your core professional experience.

Giving your personal best and producing excellent results will seem effortless with Fortis Consulting. While you’re enjoying each project, your reputation as one of the best in your field will be consolidated, while helping Fortis Consulting to maintain ourstandard of excellence and our clients will see significant returns on their investment. Everyone wins.

Fortis Consulting also recognises that consultants with outstanding experience and professionalism don’t needing micromanaging, or time management reminders. For that reason, telecommuting is embraced and the use of technology is always encouraged to save time.

Becoming part of the Fortis Consulting network means you:

  • stay connected to a work family that places your interests, expertise, and passion first; and you
  • work within well-defined and managed project parameters.

Preference will be given to qualified people with at least ten years of practical experience.

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