Listed and Privately-Owned Businesses

Issues addressed with public and privately owned businesses include:

  • Business process improvement and re-engineering.
  • Developing and implementing culture and diversity programs designed to maximise ROI.
  • Assisting listed companies to comply with corporate governance standards while also realising internal benefits.
  • Designing and implementing corporate social responsibility programs.
  • Scenario and sensitivity analyses to identify solutions with high ROI.
  • Stakeholder engagement initiatives to promote buy-in.
  • Redesigning corporate functions to improve performance.
  • Designing training and workforce development plans and courses to achieve specific and measurable organisational targets.
  • Conducting targeted training need analysis.
  • Workplace programs to attract and retain qualified and loyal staff.
  • Driving and managing major change initiatives.
  • Redesigning roles and team structures to improve productivity.
  • Evaluation and survey design and delivery across industries.
  • Integrating diversity into the workplace to unlock improvement opportunities.

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