Business Resilience & Continuity Framework

As a service provider in the human sector you might currently be experiencing various challenges as a result of the spread of COVID-19. You might be challenged to making important decisions in a very short period that affects the livelihoods of many people in a complex, ambiguous and uncertain environment.

This includes decisions around maintaining social distancing and encouraging employees to work from home, designing effective communication plans with consumers and participants as well decisions to minimise the impact created by the uncertainty such as government directed shutdowns on your operations. More important you might ask yourself how to ensure your business recovery at the end of this disruptive experience.

Ensuring your Business Resilience and Continuity is important to us. We have hence developed a COVID-19 Resilience and Continuity Framework to help you navigate successfully through this time of crisis and minimise disruption. The framework is of a general nature to be utilised as a framework and should be considered in line with relevant advice from state and national authorities.

The COVID-19 Resilience and Continuity Framework addresses your Preparedness, Response and Recovery in three interrelated Key Organisational Areas. We understand that an effective response to the current pandemic requires an integrated approach that considers these key organisation areas as a whole.

For more information as well as a detailed Covid-19 Preparedness Checklist for each of the key organisational areas CLICK ON THE BOXES BELOW or CALL US ON  +61 8 9467 2490   for a  FREE REQUEST PROPOSAL . We look forward to discuss  how we can help you navigate through this time of crisis


Covid-19 Response

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Covid-19 Response

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