LGBTI+ Diversity at Work Event

Culturally responsive services in aged care environments
July 17, 2018
LASA Care & Ageing Expo 2018
August 9, 2018

We were really pleased to co-present with The Queer Connection at a recent LGBTI+ Diversity at Work conference hosted and organised by  the Australian Taxation Office, which brought together some of Australia’s leading LGBTI+ employers and local community groups to share their strategic, practical and personal stories. 

 The Queer Connection was established by Bree Campbell following her own experiences on having worked in senior roles in Government and the Private Sector within Western Australia. As a transgender woman, she faced, head on, discrimination during and following her transition, but found enormous support in places you would not expect it to come from.

Fortis Consulting and The Queer Connection have recently partnered on an exciting project that was showcased at the conference as we proudly support The Queer Connection with their goal of creating inclusive workplaces.

As we develop this program, we recognise that how we connect and support people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds needs to be at the forefront in our design methodology and that changing culture requires a top down approach led by leaders across organisations, but it also needs a bottom up approach. People’s actions are directly related to their experiences and perceptions, and so our focus is on improving these.

To find out more about The Queer Connection please visit: