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September 16, 2016
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September 16, 2016
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Fortis Consulting was selected by Department of Defence to conduct a major review, then design, develop and implement new courses for a strategically important school which trains our troops.


The Department of Defence within Australia currently has in excess of 80,000 personnel and a budget in excess of $23bn. Defence which incorporate Army, Navy and Airforce is responsible for defending Australia and its national interests.


Fortis has developed a spectrum of challenging courses to meet the job requirements in complex operations by Australian Army, Airforce and Navy personnel based overseas.

This has entailed detailed job analysis, examination of language, development of new genres and applying all these to the vocational education and training framework, within extremely tight deadlines. Evaluations by students, staff and the University of Melbourne have all demonstrated the success of the course that was approved by the Course Review Board in Defence.

Sustainable Solution:

Fortis Consulting is due to complete the engagement for Defence in 2013, however the major change initiative has seen significant change within the Department. This incorporates courses designed for a 21st century defence force which cater to the cultural and operational requirements of soldiers whose roles have become significantly more complex and globally oriented.