Developing a National Aged Care and Diversity Check and Consultancy Model

In September 2014 Fortis commenced CaLD Strategic Planning with the Illawarra Retirement Trust (IRT). Work included building cultural awareness and inclusion in a number of aged-care service facilities including Kangara Waters in Canberra.
Illawarra Retirement Trust– CaLD Strategic Planning
November 18, 2016
Fortis provided a summative evaluation of the Partners in Change training program, a patient-centered service for disability and mental health, for Avivo,
Evaluation of Partners in Change Program for Avivo
November 21, 2016
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Fortis was approached by Curtin University’s Dementia Training Study Centre (DTSC) to collaborate in developing and piloting an Aged Care Audit tool to assess the cultural competence of registered Aged Care Facilities and to provide recommendations to address identified deficiencies in cultural competence.

Services Provided:

Fortis coordinated a desktop review, scrutinising existing databases and reports, as well as conducting individual interviews with course facilitators, developers, senior personnel involved in the management of the program and course participants.

  • Review of available Fortis and DTSC materials and resources
  • Development of a cultural competence scoring matrix
  • Development of reporting functions that recommend actions to address deficiencies in cultural competence
  • Development of a framework for the delivery of the audit tool as a consultancy service
  • Pilot of the consultancy framework in five aged care facilities across the nation
  • Baseline audits conducted at each of these pilot sites
  • Results of the pilot used to recommend any necessary changes to the ACDC and consultancy framework so it can be used ongoing by the WA DTSC.

Project Outcomes:

The project has resulted in NGOs proceeding to seek ongoing support for implementation after the end of the formal project.