Diversity matters – achieving results, not just quotas

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September 15, 2016
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September 15, 2016

Across many industries the organisational diversity argument focuses largely on improving female representation at board and senior executive level by the setting of quotas (i.e. minimum proportionate representation by women). However, when narrowly focused on ticking boxes and achieving targets, diversity quickly becomes a wasted opportunity for any organisation.

In my view, diversity is one of the least understood and under-utilised tools for helping organisations to enhance culture and improve business performance. Diversity relates to so much more than just gender, addressing demographics ranging from cultural, economic and geographic to generational (just to name a few) – all of which can benefit from a targeted and tailored approach to setting  diversity strategy, process and policy.

We’d love to hear how diversity has positively impacted your organisation. Have you harnessed its benefits or successfully instigated cultural change? To join the discussion, please post your thoughts and comments to:news@fortisconsulting.com.au

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