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November 21, 2016
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November 28, 2016
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The need for overseas trained nurses is an acute issue. Many overseas trained nurses continue to be unable to practise in their profession due to barriers created by systems that needed evaluation to ensure that they were fair, reliable and providing the best outcomes for the provision of quality health services in Australia.

Services Provided:

Fortis completed an evaluation for the purposes of the Ministerial Council in its deliberations about State, Federal and local policies that impact on programs for overseas trained migrants. Fortis evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of pilot programs across three states.

Project Outcomes:

Fortis Director Mary Gurgone collected data using a triangulated research design.  In conducting the brief, Mary led the team to:

  • Develop an evaluation brief for approval by stakeholders.
  • Collect all relevant documentation on programs being evaluated.
  • Develop a survey instrument and interview scripts and trial and enhance before formal use.
  • Organise Steering Group meetings involving all stakeholders at key points of the evaluation process.
  • Send 3400+ surveys and collate responses.
  • Analyse all collected data and documentation provided to identify gaps in information.
  • Prepare interviews to confirm analysis and add qualitative information.
  • Develop case studies based on interview data for thematic analysis and policy development.
  • Develop and present report to a WA State Department and the Ministerial Council.
  • The evaluation was endorsed by stakeholders, the WA Government and recently won the Institute of Public Administration of Australia (WA) prize for innovation.