Organisational Development

Productivity is enhanced when the capacity of an organisation is enhanced.

Fortis partners with you to identify organisational needs and then designs and develops customised organisational development solutions.

The team works with clients to undertake:

  • Gap analyses regarding specific change targets.
  • Scenario planning and business case development.
  • Human resource capacity development.
  • Strategic planning and risk management.
  • Organisational structure and strategy implementation.
  • Organisational cultures reviews.
  • Programs supporting major change initiatives
  • Strategy and change initiative evaluation.
  • Monitoring, benchmarking and reporting.
  • Organisational sustainability and viability planning.
  • Current or required capability, competency and capacity profiling.
  • Leadership development planning.
  • Retention and succession planning.

From conducting diagnostics to identify pain-points and viable solutions to effectively managing change and undertaking process improvements to build effective teams and performance cultures.

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