Culture, Communication and Relationships at Work Program

Is your organisation making the most of its diverse workforce? If the answer is a “no” or a “not sure” then read on….

The Innovative Program

The innovative and widely endorsed CCRW program helps organisations with a diverse workforce to shape and improve their culture, communication and relationships. Designed by Fortis Consulting together with leading community service providers and peak government agencies, it provides a set of nationally acclaimed resources built on sound industry insight and a commitment to achieving sustainable results.

The CCRW Program:

  • Is tailored then piloted, evaluated and methodically rolled out across each organisation.
  • Enhances supervisor skills to successfully lead and manage a culturally diverse workforce.
  • Reduces barriers to communication posed by language and cultural differences aimed at the specific needs of each organisation and site.
  • Achieves productivity improvements and the attraction and retention of quality staff by building a harmonious, industrious, culturally diverse workforce in your organisation.

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Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey: where harnessing workforce diversity begins

We invite your organisation to complete the Pulse Survey to receive a free analysis of your organisation’s cultural landscape.

Completing this survey will provide insight into the opportunities and challenges diversity presents to your organisations, and more specifically how you may be able to customise and leverage the successful “Culture Communication and Relationships at Work (CCRW)” program to meet your specific diversity needs.

This survey was developed by Fortis Consulting’s Centre for Excellence Harnessing Workforce Diversity to assist organisations in making the most of their diverse workforces. This important diagnostic tool is helping our clients understand the composition and dynamics of their diverse workforce from staff through to supervisors and leaders.

For more information on the Pulse Survey, click here.

Case study



In 2011 Brightwater Care Group in partnership with Juniper – a Uniting Church Community, engaged Fortis Consulting to design and develop a program for fostering cultural competence and engagement across its culturally diverse workforce.

Funded by a Social Innovation Grant, the CCRW program was piloted in 2012-13. It has since assisted in strengthening the skills of workers and their supervisors across a number of facilities.

Using an underpinning emotional intelligence approach, the CCRW program improves relationship building skills to reduce the communication barriers posed by cultural and language differences.

Benefits include:

  • Engagement: building a harmonious, culturally diverse workforce where cultural diversity is viewed positively and individual contributions are valued.
  • Skills: enhancing staff and supervisor skills to build a successful culturally diverse workforce.
  • Attraction / Retention: reducing turnover and attracting the best staff.
  • Productivity: improving productivity and optimising client care and satisfaction.
  • Culture: creating a positive, culturally competent and engaged workforce.

Widely applicable, any organisation with a culturally diverse workforce can benefit from this program. To enhance your results, using qualified, experienced and trained facilitators, the program can improve you to build better working relationships and improve staff engagement.

To ensure its success the CCRW program targets multiple levels within an organisation, comprising 12 training modules aimed at all levels from team members, supervisors, managers to leaders. An organisational guide provides context and practical considerations in getting started.

To find out more about how this program was developed, click here.

Centre for Excellence


Fortis Consulting recognises that diversity represents a huge opportunity in Australia. Our Centre for Excellence Harnessing Workforce Diversity was founded on the principle that workforce diversity is an asset that remains largely unrecognised and untapped. It’s our aim to change that.

Our Centre of Excellence is more than industry-leading think tank. It builds on:

  • Rigorous global research on diversity in the workplace.
  • An innovative set of practical tools including the analytical Pulse Survey.
  • A program designed for and proven effective by organisations with large diverse workforces.
  • A consulting team of highly experienced practitioners tailoring diversity and workforce development solutions to meet bespoke requirements.

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