Pulse Survey

PULSE – Harnessing workforce diversity starts with understanding

  • PULSE assists organisations to embrace and capitalise on their diverse workforces helping them understand the composition and dynamics of that workforce including staff, supervisors and leaders.
  • Fortis Consulting invites your workplace to participate in the free Pulse Survey to help you better understand your workforce diversity, improve cultural inclusion and tailor solutions to harness your diversity.
  • This survey is pertinent to any employer with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) employees, or organisations with plans to attract and retain CaLD employees.
  • When your organisation undertakes the Pulse Survey you will receive a free analysis of the diversity profile and needs of your business.
  • This analysis will provide insight into the opportunities and challenges diversity presents to your organisation, and how you may be able to customise and leverage the successful “Culture Communication and Relationships at Work (CCRW)” program to meet your organisation’s specific needs.
  • Making it quick and easy to complete, there are two variations of the Pulse Survey targeted at different staff groups.
  • To get started, decide if you would like your organisation employees to complete this survey. Fill in the quick enquiry form below and request a free Pulse survey for your organisation and identify the variations you require from the list of surveys.
  • Or, simply complete the survey appropriate to your role.
  •  Services Sector Pulse Survey
  • Aged Care Sector Pulse Survey
  • For a full report on the results and the ramifications of those results, at no cost to you – CLICK HERE
  • Please note that the results you will receive is a National collection of data. Should you wish to receive your organisations individual results please fill in the organisational details when completing the Pulse Survey.

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