Community Engagement

A high level of positive engagement between an organisation and its communities, including stakeholders is central to maximising and harnessing the potential of diversity, creating an optimal culture and maximising outcomes.

Fortis partners with clients in the public, private and community organisations to facilitate optimal levels of engagement with stakeholders and communities central to the performance of the business.

The team, skilled in innovative frontline engagement strategies, procedures and policies assists clients to build the capacity of specific groups, improve community satisfaction and address the concerns of key stakeholders.

Fortis achieves sustainable outcomes with community and stakeholder buy-in by assisting clients to engage, negotiate, mediate and resolve a range of challenges and issues including:

  • Identifying social and demographic trends.
  • Building strong engagement cultures.
  • Connecting with stakeholders and communities to ensure consensus.
  • Designing and implementing corporate social responsibility programs.
  • Managing and engaging with lobby groups.
  • Focusing on the needs of indigenous populations.
  • Addressing gender and diversity planning and engagement.
  • Facilitating local government, rural and regional development.

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