Is money all that matters? Measuring your social return on investment

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September 15, 2016
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September 16, 2016

In a world where it’s money that matters – measuring the social return on our investment can help to account for value more broadly and holistically.

From a sociologist’s perspective, SROI methodology helps organisations and individuals to understand; manage; measure and communicate their social value – changing the way we measure the impact of what we do.

From an economist’s viewpoint this innovative form of cost-benefit analysis extends into previously unchartered territory, helping us to measure a type of value traditionally very difficult to quantify.

In this article Pippa Cebis (Brightwater Care Group) and Steven Dean (Fortis Consulting) examine this increasingly popular yet controversial approach from two equally varied viewpoints, ultimately agreeing on one thing: SROI makes sound business sense.

We’d love to hear how your organisation measures the impact of what it does, more broadly and holistically than just in economic terms. Has your organisation always valued its social return? If not – how has your organisation benefited from this shift in thinking? To join the discussion, please post your thoughts and comments, or contact us at: Tel: +61 8 9467 2490.

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