Interview with Katie Larkins


Q) What attracted you to an internship with Fortis?

I was actually attending a meeting with another organisation as an intern when I met Mary and Adrian. After the meeting I spoke with Mary who mentioned about Fortis and then intern programme that they run, I was interested so researched Fortis and a bit more about Consulting and felt that it would be a really good place to get some experience relevant to my degree and would be a good learning curve for me.


Q) How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

I was provided with a clear project brief and throughout my internship I have had good support and the provision of materials, reference points and staff help has been readily available for me.

In whatever I have done, I have always received direction, feedback and comments regarding my work and also next steps to take.

It has been a huge learning curve and at a very busy time for Fortis. The learning curve was great and I just hope I haven’t been in the way. (I did clarify this to see if we made her feel that way but she said no, its more of a I’m not here getting paid and am just here for a short period so didn’t want to impose).


Q) What has been the most challenging thing about your internship?

Its been a really niche internship with an actual project to deliver which has been great and also very challenging. A lot of the documents, terminologies, scenarios are all brand new for me so it was been a huge learning curve.


 Q) Would you recommend Fortis to be a good place for people to complete an internship and why?

Absolutely Yes, its been very good and I have enjoyed having an actual project to deliver.

I have always been made to feel part of the team and at the same level as everyone else which has been really nice.


Q) What’s your 3 key takeaways from completing your internship with Fortis or so far?

Consulting – what it is and how it is structured.

Better business acumen – big picture.

Better organisational skills and some basic project management skills.

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