Living Culture at Fortis | An interview with Intern Anfas Ilyas

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July 26, 2019
September 9, 2019

This week as part of our Living Culture at Fortis blog series we interviewed our intern Anfas Ilyas about his time with Fortis Consulting as an Accounts Intern.

What attracted you to an internship with Fortis?

I was looking for an international experience abroad and I felt that working within a consulting  environment would provide different tools as you get to work across so many sectors and with clients whom all have different needs.

What outcomes from your internship were you looking for?

I was looking to attain capabilities to assist me for the future and also to obtain some exposure with an International corporation throughout varying sectors. This is a strong plus in developing skills for the future.

 How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

Fortis has a really strong support network for interns. The whole team mirrors the Fortis ethos. There is such a strong culture in the office. Personally, it has provided me with so much guidance, persistence and a lot of paths in how to achieve my goals. Fortis has exposed me to so many experiences all through my internship, it was greater than I could have hoped for.

 What was the most challenging part of your internship?

Learning to adapt my understanding to something which was once absolutely new to me. Since most of Fortis’ clients are in sectors that I am no longer acquainted with, such as Aged Care, I had to adapt and recognize the desires for this sector along with the changes that are happening in the industry. In turn this allowed me to explore new sectors and also to apply my knowledge and experience.

Would you say Fortis is a good place to complete an internship? If so, why?

Yes, of course. Honestly, I have spoken with other interns in other placements and I feel I have hit the jackpot with Fortis. I have always been made to feel part of the team and at the same level as everyone else which has been really nice.

What was the biggest thing you learnt and took from the internship?

My placement experience had a significant impact on my learning outcomes and the support of my mentor and other team members was extremely appreciated. The guidance which I received from my mentor and other team members has a great impact on learning outcomes for all interns. They provided so much advice and support and were always keen to ensure that I understood tasks assigned to me.

 What are your 3 key take-aways from completing your internship with Fortis?

Firstly, the guidance which I received from my mentor and other team members has a great impact on learning outcomes and becoming a part of an effective team and this provided me a positive learning environment and valuable skills.

Secondly, this knowledge helped me apply my accounting experience practically with a better knowledge of using different accounting software.

Thirdly, this knowledge provided me to enhance my soft skills that includes team work, punctuality, professionalism, communicating effectively.

Finally, this experience was very helpful and enjoyable, thank you to the team at Fortis!