Living Culture at Fortis | An Interview with Intern Daniel Peckitt

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September 14, 2017
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October 12, 2017

We interviewed our Intern Daniel Peckitt this week as part of our Living Culture at Fortis series, to discuss his experience with Fortis Consulting, company values and how the team that makes up an organisation is intrisinc to a companies performance.


 What attracted you to the internship at Fortis Consulting?

I knew I was interested in the consulting field, I identified a number of potential consulting firms for an internship. What made Fortis Consulting stand out for me were their values driven approach to business. I find it so refreshing to see a business operate with a model that holds so much respect for the community and its people. I feel extremely grateful to have been offered this opportunity with Fortis.


What outcomes were looking for from your internship?

I guess at the core I wanted to build a range of abilities in the industry and the theory around consulting and business management. I really needed some hands on experience and Fortis really delivered on that. I also specifically wanted to build on my critical analysis of data and understanding. Ultimately, I wanted to understand how businesses operated a project in the consulting industry.


How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

Fortis has a really strong support network for interns. The whole team mirrors what Fortis aims to achieve as a business. There is such a strong culture in the office. Personally, it has provided me with so much guidance, patience and a lot of direction in how to achieve my targets. Fortis has exposed me to so many experiences throughout my internship, it was more than I could have hoped for.


What was the most challenging part of your internship?

In hindsight the most challenging aspect has been the most enjoyable part, being the large amount of autonomy that is provided. That is not to take away from the support network at all, it’s more that they instil trust in people’s abilities. You have to grow your independence and initiative to reach the targets that have been set for you. Also, the acronyms across the sector! So many acronyms!


What do you think Fortis can learn as to how we supported you as an intern?

I have racked my brain on this one, I don’t think they could have changed anything about this internship. Fortis has a strong support network with their team. I feel really grateful for what I have been provided with. They have allowed me to work on a number of different projects. For me, each day is so new and different. I’ve been exposed to so many practices and projects it’s really been a great experience.


Would you say Fortis is a good place to complete an internship? If so, why?

Yes, of course. Honestly, I have spoken with other interns in other placements and I feel I have hit the jackpot with Fortis. Just the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals who have a real passion for what they are doing is really refreshing compared to a lot of other businesses out there.


What was the biggest thing you learnt and took from the internship?

I think personally it would be just how much hands on experience I have had in the consulting industry. It requires A LOT of hard work and a lot of people putting in that hard work to achieve those successful results.


What are your 3 key take-aways from completing your internship with Fortis?

1) Business can be done in a morally sound way with strong principles that guide performance.
2) Much greater understanding of consulting
3) Building good healthy relationships with people is really important.