Living Culture at Fortis | An Interview with Intern Matteo Pilotto

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We interviewed our Intern Matteo Pilotto, who hails all the way from Italy this week as part of our Living Culture at Fortis series, to discuss why work culture matters and what he learnt throughout his internship.


 What attracted you to the internship at Fortis Consulting?

I found a particular interest with Fortis Consulting and the focus on Culture and Diversity. Most other consulting companies are more focused on controlling and / or other aspects of business areas. I really appreciated how Fortis has a focus on people and how to make people work together in unity to achieve the same goals. I truly believe that a companies culture is what differentiates the company from being successful or being an average company.


What outcomes were looking for from your internship?

I was looking for an international experience abroad and I felt that working within a consulting environment would provide different tools as you get to work across so many sectors and with clients whom all have different needs. I was looking to obtain skills to help me prepare for the future and also to gain some exposure with an International company across varying sectors. This is a strong plus in developing skills for the future.


How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

The work culture and work environment really facilitates the integration of people and the opportunity to speak and come up with some new ideas propose possible actions on projects and play a part in several projects.


What was the most challenging part of your internship?

Learning to adapt my knowledge to something which was completely new to me. Since most of Fortis’ clients are in sectors that I am not familiar with, such as the Aged Care Sector I had to adapt and understand what are the needs and the changes that are happening in the industry so that I can apply my knowledge and experience to help the client make changes and achieve their goals as a business.


Would you say Fortis is a good place to complete an internship? If so, why?

Yes, absolutely! At Fortis you have a work environment that facilitates your integration and it also facilitates your willingness to contribute to each specific project. The company also provides you with opportunity to work with different clients, building a range of skills and allows you to apply your academic knowledge. It really helps in adapting your skills to the specific needs of the task, project or clients. There is so much variety in the work which assists with learning different things . In turn, improving you on a personal level so that you can contribute to the company and most importantly the client goals.


What was the biggest thing you learnt and took from the internship?

I think the experience at an international consulting company was really important for me. I really appreciated the opportunity to see how the consulting world works in another country.


What are your 3 key take-aways from completing your internship with Fortis?

1) The opportunity to work in an international consulting environment and to work across sectors that I have not been immersed in.
2) To find things that I have learnt in business and my academic studies that I can apply to those sectors and the opportunity to provide a contribution
3) The opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds this includes not only the Fortis team but its clients and partners.
All of the above points have helped me become a better person and have built my experience in this particular field.