Living Culture at Fortis | An interview with Intern Shagun Sachdeva

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July 1, 2019
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July 15, 2019

This week as part of our Living Culture at Fortis blog series we interviewed our intern Shagun Sachdeva about her time with Fortis Consulting and the project she has worked on.

What attracted you to an internship with Fortis?

The workplace environment at Fortis is definitely one to be acclaimed, during my internship here I never felt a sense of exclusion or as though I was any lesser in the team, I simply became an equal part of the company. My mentors were very supportive and positive and constantly pushed me to reach my full potential. Moreover, I found that everything was always done with excellence and accuracy. The company truly cared about people and the team was driven towards one goal of providing quality information and knowledge to bring about the best service and outcomes for their clients.

What outcomes from your internship were you looking for?

Working as an IT intern helped me to gain major experience in my field, at times I was able to work on various modules simultaneously which highly boosted my confidence and ability to deal with various challenges. Working in a humble, caring but realistic environment also boosted my social and communication skills where I learnt the importance of forming friendships with your colleagues and through that was able to gain valuable support, feedback and direction.

 How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

Fortis never failed to provide me with the appropriate resources and support. I was given numerous opportunities to apply my skills to actual projects such as that on the e-learning platform, where I worked in an established time frame which in turn has helped my time management skills. In working and learning on new platforms I was also able to simultaneously work on other tasks which boosted my confidence.

 What was the most challenging part of your internship?

I wouldn’t necessarily call them challenges but incredible opportunities to grow and some of it included gaining an understanding of project requirements from a non-consulting background. So, it was essentially a mixture of learning, understanding and discovering how I could apply my IT skills and background to the company’s overall goals and perspectives.

Would you say Fortis is a good place to complete an internship? If so, why?

I would absolutely recommend it. It was amazing to be a part of a supportive workforce where I could apply my background, knowledge and skills whilst acquiring essential skills from experienced mentors which I know will be very beneficial for my future.

What was the biggest thing you learnt and took from the internship?

Having watched my mentors and their loyalty and commitment to hard work, I too was able to learn the importance and benefits of hard work. The success they received like getting tenders and projects were simply a reflection of their right attitude and kindness towards others.

 What are your 3 key take-aways from completing your internship with Fortis?

  • Healthy relationships with staff are very much important and contribute heavily to successful performance
  • Confidence, and understanding of the business environment
  • Office skills, apart from IT skills, and general social and communication skills