Management Processes

The current challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak require you to look at, define and mobilise all the necessary resources to keep your organisation running. You might want to consider implications for your financial management and run through different financial scenarios, establish a contingency plan for staffing capacity, and develop an effective but simple but useful training and education program around Covid-19. You also might consider updating your risk management register, develop an effective communication plan for all your key stakeholders and introduce an effective ITC system for remote collaboration. Finally, you might consider operationalising your PPE and Infection control policies and ensure that effective PPE and infection control measures are in place and working.

These and more considerations are compiled into a series of questions to check your readiness to effectively manage your finances, ITC, HRM, Risk Management, Infection Control and Communication processes during and after the Covid-19 outbreak. You can download the checklist below.

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