Living Culture at Fortis | An Interview with Volunteer Marina Sarkoski

Royal Commission Forum – PICAC WA – January 23rd 2019
December 20, 2018
International Year of Indigenous Languages
January 29, 2019

We interviewed our volunteer Marina Sarkoski as part of our Living Culture at Fortis series, to discuss her experience with Fortis Consulting, company values and how the team that makes up an organisation is intrisinc to a companies performance.


 What attracted you to volunteer at Fortis Consulting?

I knew I was interested in the consulting field and coming from a health background and studying an MBA with specialisation in health care along with leadership and management I was attracted to Fortis’ projects that they work on. Ultimately my goal is to become a consultant later in my career; my value proposition as a consultant will be working and having impact on social services.


What outcomes were you looking for from your volunteer position?

Mainly I was looking for hands on project experience. To gain further exposure to project management: how methodologies work and are implemented, project planning etc. I also wanted to obtain a feel for management consulting as my focus career wise has been in this area.


How do you feel that Fortis have prepared you and worked with you to achieve the desired outcomes?

Fortis have been very supportive and clear in their daily instruction. This experience has helped me understand how I can contribute whilst reaching satisfactory outcomes for the company and myself personally. Volunteering here has helped me position myself in my career path to recently obtain a new career in rural health which I’m excited to undertake in 2019.


What was the most challenging part of your volunteer experience?

At the start I was overwhelmed with the amount of information & required reading to “get up to speed” on the project I was assigned. The first two days were the hardest as there was limited supervision and short time frames to meet project requirements. The following weeks were less daunting as Mylynda became my one to one support throughout the duration of my volunteer period. She was amazing support. The whole team are truly wonderful for the support they provide!


What do you think Fortis can learn as to how we supported you as an intern?

I have racked my brain on this one, I don’t think they could have changed anything about this . Fortis has a strong support network with their team. I feel really grateful for what I have been provided with. They have allowed me to work on a number of different projects. For me, each day is so new and different. I’ve been exposed to so many practices and projects it’s really been a great experience.


Would you say Fortis is a good place to complete volunteer experience? If so, why?

I wouldn’t change a single thing about Fortis. I have received and gained more than I expected from my time here. I honestly feel that I have achieved what I wanted to. I don’t know any company or firm that does this helping others gain exposure the way Fortis does. The staff provide so much support and take time from their own busy schedules to give you coaching, mentoring and support to ensure that you reach your desired outcomes and those of the project you are working on. I truly learnt to appreciate the work that the team does whilst also offering us the opportunity to grow.


What was the biggest thing you learnt and took from your time with us?

“The best way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end” so they say. For me; it’s been personally rewarding to have this experience but also know that there is a great deal of support from the staff and that they able to adjust to meet an individuals skill set and desired outcomes.
Having an end career goal in mind for Management Consulting in just a short period I have learnt a lot about the insudtry. I’ve also met some wonderful people!


What are your 3 key take-aways from completing your experience with Fortis?

1) Communication is vital. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you are unsure
2) I have a much greater understanding of consulting & project life cycles
3) Honed my research ability on a complex project where information being provided differed