Effective collaborations can substantially improve services for our culturally and linguistically diverse aged people, their families and communities, while also driving improved productivity and return on investment.

Partnerships include building bridges between private, public and not-for-profit organisations while also between organisations and communities for mutual reward.

Fortis can facilitate building partnerships to improve services for our culturally and linguistically diverse, aged people, their families and communities


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The Association for Culturally Appropriate Services

Fortis Consulting WA state representative for the Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) federally-funded program have supported the establishment of the Association for Culturally Appropriate Services (AfCAS). This innovative new Association was established to represent the interests of the ever increasing culturally diverse population in Western Australia in the aged and health care sectors.

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The objects of the Association are:

  • To actively foster and support organisations to provide culturally appropriate services for the CALD population regardless of geographic location or diversity of needs.
  • To foster a collaborative approach to member organisations to provide culturally appropriate services
  • Facilitate access to specialised services for member organisations to support CALD clients, e.g. translating and interpretation, financial/reporting services
  • To promote and support members to establish and deliver culturally appropriate services
  • Build capacity of the CALD service sector to be resilient and sustainable
  • To advocate for improved quality, accountability and accessibility for delivery of services to the CALD community
  • To work in partnership with other key agencies to avoid duplication of CALD services and promote efficient use of available resources.

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MYVISTA is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity that actively supports the communities it serves. While MYVISTA remains an ethnic specialist aged care service provider, their ethnic diversity has broadened and accommodates individuals from all cultural backgrounds. MYVISTA currently provide care and accommodation to people from many countries of origin and their multicultural spirit continues to show through in their staff mix.


Madina Village Community Services Ltd (MVCS) believes it is every individual’s responsibility to look after any aging parents and relatives with disability, and we will always promote hands-on care by family members as the best option. However, recognising that family care is not always possible, or on its own may not always lead to maximum outcomes, Madina feels it’s their duty and privilege to offer home care services as the next best alternative. The Muslim community in Perth has grown to well beyond 35,000 people, leading active lives and contributing to Western Australian society.

African and CaLD Edlers Services WA Inc.  was formerly known as African HACC WA. They provide the necessary support for the elderly people (and those from other ethnic groups) with physical disabilities and mental illness (including dementia) as well as their carers, to help them continue living in the community. Their program provides services to support older people and people with disabilities to maintain or increase (where possible) their level of independence at home and in the community, to enhance their quality of life and/or prevent inappropriate admission to long term residential care.


St Simeon Home Care


The statement that sits under the Carealot trademark is “Extraordinary People”. Carealot chose these words because Carealot is all about seemingly ordinary people who are actually extraordinary – from the extraordinary people we help to the extraordinary staff at Carealot, whose hands and hearts make an extraordinary difference to lives every day.

Hungarian Golden Village and Cultural Centre Inc

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