A World of Stories “Refugee Week June 17 – 23 2019”

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June 12, 2019
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As we fast approach Refugee Week 2019 with the focus this year being on Celebrating Refugee Stories, it seems an ideal opportunity for Fortis to raise awareness and honour those who have taken the Journey to reach and settled in Australia through our ILC funded project in collaboration with ISHAR.

Project to Help Community   

This project is in the final stages of developing resources to build awareness and capability of the Mental Health Journeys of CALD women through a strength based approach, utilising personal stories of hope, courage and resilience to develop capacity building at all levels.

Refugee Women

The women interviewed as part of this project came from a range of backgrounds – Afghanistan, Burma, Iraq, Russia, Vietnam, Zambia. One was born in Palestine into a family that moved as refugees to Syria, only to then move as refugees to Australia with the onset of war in Syria. Some came here as children, some as young adults and some as mature women with families of their own. The personal mental health issues they faced varied, but several had experienced domestic violence.

Strengths and resilience behind the Culture

Some women interviewed in the early stages of this project reported they had been faced with traumatic experiences including dislocation from country of birth, oppression, war and/or personal relationship issues. While many of these situations had wrought great personal consequences, all of the women had recognised their bad experiences had in some way also made them stronger and more resilient. Put simply by two of the women:

I believe that those hard experiences have made me stronger”

“Much of my strength to deal with my situation came from the women who were experiencing violence. I was looking at them and learning from them”

Quotes provided by Anonymous ISHAR Clients

Future information on Refugee Week can be found via the following links https://www.refugeeweek.org.au/share-a-meal/

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