Strategic Planning and ASX Merger

In 2014, Fortis was engaged to design and deliver a workshop focused on valuing workforce diversity targeted at senior staff in Aged-Care organisations.
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February 24, 2017
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March 27, 2017

During 2014, Fortis was contracted by the Chair of an ASX listed company to review the organisational and portfolio design of two companies, to position the companies for an effective merger. The strategic planning review aimed to:

  • Enable an effective merger, where two previous attempts had failed
  • Simplify the investment portfolio
  • Restructure the portfolio, Board and executive structures to meet the merged entity
  • Improve saleability, giving consideration to the impact of a possible sale of one part of the business, to related parts.


Services Provided:

  • B Strategy – build a consistent strategy for consolidated entity and board in the context of the type of business and opportunities which the new board wish to explore.
  • Simplification – build a simplified “portfolio” structure
  • Standardisation – standardise approach board, directors, EMT and executives
  • Saleability – consider each business unit as a saleable unit from a buyers perspective and design so it is saleable and attractive as a unit
  • Savings – identify and build a plan for realising benefits and reducing costs which are not adding value or can be more efficiently provided.

The strategic planning review was undertaken over two phases.

Project Outcomes:

The merger was successful with more than 98 per cent of existing shareholders electing to accept the offer. This was a substantial achievement given the politically sensitive nature of the merger, and within the environment of two previous unsuccessful attempts. The project has achieved:

  • Strategy – a clear strategy that sets out the purpose of the business, ways in which the company can position itself to respond quickly to capitalise on future business and investment opportunities
  • Simplification – the new operational and managerial reporting structures are clear, simple and provide sound and workable line of sight between the Board, CEO, and the executive management team
  • Savings – identify and build a plan for realising benefits and reducing costs which are not adding value or can be more efficiently provided
  • Standardisation – creating a set of Board governance documents that align with the ASX principles of good corporate governance provide a clear and succinct framework to guide conduct, behaviour and business practice, and
  • Saleability – positioned the company and its subsidiaries so that the interdependencies are clear and the entities are sufficiently independent to enable a quick sale, given the right fiscal opportunities.

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