Women’s Voices: Building a stronger WA Together

Non-english speaking aged care support via Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care
July 15, 2019
Living Culture at Fortis | An interview with Intern Anfas Ilyas
August 15, 2019

The team at Fortis have been out and about contributing to the many consultations happening across the state as part of The Western Australian Government’s plan to address gender inequality.

As a specialist CaLD consultancy business committed to working alongside people across WA, we are on a journey supporting the full participation of women through education and development of culturally appropriate resources.

Our passionate values based team where keen to be part of the movement for change, ensuring women’s voices, especially from the CaLD communities were represented as part of the Governments consultation process.

The Hon Simone McGurk MLA quoted in a recent discussion paper “Empowering women to wholly participate in all aspects of society is the smart thing to do and well ensure that we harness the full potential of WA’S population”


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