World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day 2019

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May 22, 2019
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June 17, 2019
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Photo credit Matthias Zomer

Photo credit Matthias Zomer

Elderly abuse is a disturbingly frequent form of abuse that occurs worldwide with little to no recognition or response. In western Australia alone it is assumed to affect at least 1 in 20 vulnerable individuals making it an alarmingly common trend.

Though in reality this form of mistreatment sits perfectly under the banner of physical, emotional and psychological abuse it is merely recognised and only recently came into light and was termed ‘Elder Abuse’. In situations where elderly abuse occurs factors such as a lack of or minimum access to appropriate resources, support and efficient systematic reviews and conducts make responding to cases very challenging. Some of these factors include but are not limited to language barrier, culturally appropriate services and a lack of understanding of the environments and or work places in which a lot of these mistreatments take place.

Fortis proudly stands as the representatives for ‘Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care’ (PICAC) in WA which is aimed at providing a range of specialised services to essentially improve and empower the workforce in the aged care sector. We aim to establish and promote safety and quality care which in effect aims to minimise and eradicate underlying systemic failures linked to elderly abuse. We are also honoured to have worked with organisations such as the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) which conduct quality reviews on home care services in the aged care sector while also providing training, education and essential information.

As an organisation we are proud to be actively participating in this cause and that is why this year we are partaking in ‘World Elderly Abuse Day’. ‘World Elderly Abuse Day’ (WEAAD) is a day sought to raise public awareness and to shed light into this form of mistreatment. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to engage in events that essentially aim to prevent the acts of abuse and to support the individuals affected or at risk. This year we ask you to join us in this cause, to become a voice to the voiceless and hope and strength to the vulnerable.  

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