Zonta Board Skills Questionaire

Womens Health on the Agender Project
August 26, 2016
Volume 01 – Issue 01
September 14, 2016
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The following tool draws upon a toolkit developed by the Australian Institute of Company Directors. It has been prepared to enable self-evaluation of the board, in order to help improve board and company performance. It allows the board to identify problems and highlight areas where performacne can be enhanced.

About the Evaluation

The evaluation process includes an assessment of skills, which can include qualitative and quantitative components. A skills questionnaire, which can be designed and applied according to the requirements of the board can also form part of the process.

The online questionnaire (link below) provides an example of the type of questions that might be included in an assessment however each board would typically develop and administer tools that match their particular circumstances.

Issues to Consider

  • What is the purpose of the evaluation?
  • How often will the evaluation take place?
  • All evaluation information must remain confidential.
  • Who will manage the evaluation process?

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